Meet Max & Donna Daniels

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Max and Donna have an extensive background in community theatre and have been portraying Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln professionally since 1988. They are past Vice-Presidents of the National Association of Lincoln Presenters and have received its awards for "Best Abraham," "Best Mary,"  "Best Abraham and Mary Lincoln Team," and "Lincoln Legend."

They have been featured on C-Span Cable Network in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate series, the "Someone You Should Know" program on ABC/Channel 7 in Chicago, and the Investigating History series on the History Channel.  They have performed at the Lincoln Home Visitor Center in Springfield, Illinois and at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.  They participate in Memorial Day ceremonies at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, and took part in the dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL.   They research and write their own original scripts, receiving many compliments for the entertaining way in which they present their programs. They are popular attractions at Civil War Reenactments throughout the Midwest and make over 200 appearances each year for schools, libraries, and other organizations. They take great pride in bringing history to life for audiences of all ages.

Max and Donna

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