Lincoln Programs

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 Max and Donna value education
"Education.....Is the most important thing which, we, as a people can be engaged in."


Kindergarten through 2nd grade
30 minutes

President Lincoln talks about growing up in a log cabin, how he got his beard,
why he wears such a tall hat, and what makes Mrs. Lincoln's dress stand out like that!
Springfield Home

3rd through 5th grade
30 minutes

A discussion on good citizenship and the importance of getting a good education,
having respect for the law, and never giving up on oneself.

6th through 8th
45-60 minutes

Mr. Lincoln discusses the causes and effects of the Civil War.
Mrs. Lincoln describes fashions of the period, the role of women during the war, and/or divided families.
Lincoln Douglas Debate

 Upper Grades and Adults
60 minutes

An Evening with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln at the White House---Just before they leave for Ford's Theater......
Max and Donna going to the theatre

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Max and Donna perform for school children

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